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New and old items.Make contact with the seller on the mail attached to the picture. If you want to sell something, send us a picture, price, object description and information on how you wish to be contacted. Send this to: till gustafsskal@hotmail.com and we will post your item as soon as possible. The fee is 5 sek per item and is paid in advance,

Frame 30 cm  50 kr. gustafsskal@hotmail.com
Tulipvase 475 kr anders@kristinehovsmalmgard.se
Kille playing cards  40 kr anders@kristinehovsmalmgard.se
Oilprint regentpainting, framed 800 kr gustafsskal@hotmail.com
Oilprint "The lady with the veil" Roslin with frame. 1000 kr gustafsskal@hotmail.com
Engraved glass  150 kr gustafsskal@hotmail.com