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        Welcome to Sällskapet Gustafs Skål

 The Gustafs Skål historical society was founded in 1993 by members interested  in preserving the unique history in the days of the Swedish King Gustaf III. Since our founding, the society has been dedicated to the perpetuation of  the years 1772-1792.We count our members all over the country and some of our neighboring countries as well. We welcome all friends of the 1700 century. Our main focus is the Gustavian era of the 1700´s, a golden cultural age  in Sweden´s history that never cease to fascinate. Our society is always open to new members, the 1700-century belongs to everyone. There are as many reasons to join as we have members. Some seek us out for the sake of our courses and lectures while others seek the adventure of time travelling. contact us: gustafsskal@hotmail.com