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Welcome to the ball and festivities at Kaggeholm Palace 2-4 June 2017




What is a royal ball, if not completely wonderful..?


Welcome to a magnificent weekend with merrymaking and celebrations at Kaggeholm palace! During the weekend everything is included: parties, meals, non-alcoholic drinks and accommodation! Kaggeholm is easy to get to by car or SL bus. If you register and pay now, you will get a discounted price and have the possibility to choose which type of room you want to stay in! You will find the terms and conditions for the weekend detailed below. For further questions please write to




Cost for the entire weekend


Those who are not members of the Society Gustafs Skål or its affiliated societies, will be required  to pay a surcharge of 300 SEK. This applies to both price categories.


After 31st of January 2017, there will be a surcharge of 15% on the price regardless of category. If you pay before the 31st of December 2016, your name will be entered into a raffle with a surprise prize!


In both price categories, there are one-, two-, and triple bed rooms. In the lower price range, there are also two four-bed rooms but the extra bed is a pull-out bed that will be used only a last resort.


Keep in mind that this is a non-profit event. For the event to be viable, the majority of the participants need to pay the higher fee!




Regular price: 3400 SEK (not a member of the SGS or the Friends/ affiliated societies: 3700 SEK)


Finer accommodation in single to triple rooms; either at the palace in the historical rooms but with shared bathrooms or in single to triple rooms with private bathrooms in the tastefully renovated north wing. The guests who choose this category have several advantages:


* During the party a 15% discount will be raffled out amongst those who have booked and paid for the more expensive category before December 31, 2016


* A small surprise in the room on arrival


* Ability to assign one overnight stay to another person provided that the guest bring their own sheets and arrange their own transfer without the involvement of either the staff or the palace’s owners. The name of the person who gets an overnight assigned to them, needs to be written on the registration form. The person (in such a transfer)who stay overnight on the Friday are required to leave the palace by 10 am on Saturday morning.


The payment can be paid in installments, so that 2000 SEK are paid before 31 January 2017 and 1400 SEK paid no later than March 31, 2017. You will be allocated your place in the queue for the choice of rooms only when the payment is made in full.






Lower price category: 2400 SEK (not a member of the SGS or the affiliated societies: 2700 SEK)


Simpler accommodation in one- to four-bed rooms with shared bathrooms in the south wing that has 1980's standard.




Registration, payment and payment dates


Please register by completing the registration form and kindly do pay on time.


Payments shall be made to Kaggeholm party's account at Handelsbanken, with the clearing number 6162 and account number 428 835 341. The account holder is Anneli Schöldström.


Please state your name on the payment. You will get an email confirmation when your payment is received, so you know that you are properly registered. Remember that it may take a few days.


The payment needs to be registered on the account no later than January 31, 2017. Those who want to participate in the draw for a discount of 15% in the more expensive category must pay by December 31, 2016. Those who pay for the more expensive category have the option to split the payment into installments: 2000 SEK before 31 January 2017, and 1400 SEK no later than March 31, 2017. For payment by January 31, 2017 there will be a surcharge of 15% on both price categories. It does not apply to those who divide the payment into installments in the regular price category.


You are considered registered when full payment is received, so it is vital that you pay on time. This also applies to the division of the payment in the higher priced category. The dinner times and the rooms are allocated when the full payment is made, so the faster you pay the more choice you will have.




Early payment benefits include:


  • Early serving of dinner

  • Priority when allocating room type

    Note that these needs are met in the sequence in which full payment has been made.



Transfer of ticket


No refund will be made but the transfer of the ticket to another can be done. Name of new entrants must be reported immediately via the registration form. Write the name under "Other information" if you wish to a transfer a paid ticket to another person.


Requests for rooms are subject to availability.




Weekend time schedule


The castle gates open at 3 pm on Friday. It is possible to arrive later, but by 18:00 it would be nice to have all modern phenomena like cars or pack equipment "cleaned away."


On Sunday, we all need to help to tidy up after the weekend so expect to depart at about 3 pm.




How do I get to the palace?


It's easy to go by car or by bus from Brommaplan to Ekerö.


The journey takes less than half an hour if it's not rush hour, otherwise it will be slightly more.The trip will take between 50 and 60 minutes by bus, even during rush hour. Several buses run from Brommaplan, you will need to change at Närlundavägen to bus 309 which stops at Kaggeholm palace. The return journey is equally easy. Visit SL's website for current timetables.




The work during the weekend


Agency staff manages the food service and work during the celebration on Friday and during Saturday night ball, but beyond that we all need to help out.




Clothes for parties and get-togethers


Do your best with the clothes that you have. You can choose to be ambitious and have several changes of clothes for each day or you could have the same set of clothes all weekend. If you only have one outfit, you are the poor relation from the country. If you have a few different outfits, you are the poor relation from the city. If you have multiple sets, you are the wealthy relation from the city.




We will also organize courses in sewing, with the focus on making a chemise and a dressing gown, and also simple everyday clothes for those who want to be ambitious and expand their wardrobe with new kinds of garments suitable for a historical overnight stay. We also have a group that will help with the sewing to complete your wardrobe at an affordable charge for the work performed.




Ambience: details


Strive to have storage suitable to the era and pay attention to those little details that help to create a more historical feel and a cozy atmosphere. You can often find such items cheaply at flea markets.


  • Use a washing baskets or alternatively wooden or wicker boxes/ baskets for your baggage.

  • Do sew nice towels in linen, there are suitable and cheap fabrics available at Ikea

  • Please have appropriate shoes and slippers

  • Also pay attention to other details such as small boxes and other storage



Other items to bring


  • Cash for the lotteries and the small market.

  • Picnic Basket with a blanket and glasses, plates, silverware, smaller platters for Saturday afternoon's amusements. Avoid plastic and other items that are clearly anachronistic!

  • Accessories typical for the era, for a whole weekend spent in the 1700s



The Philosophical Salon


During the weekend we will have a ”Philosophical salon” upstairs where speeches and short presentations and discussions on politics, culture and philosophy that is contemporary anno 1799 will be held. The theme of the evening could be politics, culture, philosophy, science, religion, the literature, customs and traditions; depending on the interests of the participants. The 20 people who book the Philosophical Salon will eat their dinner there instead of the dinner downstairs, which will seat 60 people. After dinner, there will be dancing for all!




A warm welcome


Anneli Schöldström


Project Manager